How to Launch Your AdVenture with InvestLocalBC

Crowdfunding has many benefits for non-profits over and above Fundraising. These include but are not limited to:

  • Raising awareness about your group
  • Develop a committed following of partners
  • Get people (around the world!) talking about your AdVenture
  • Create excitement that spurs people to volunteer for your group
  • Makes it possible for people to have a positive impact, regardless of the size of their gift
  • Gives you a way to show donors the impact of their gifts

However, let us begin by debunking a common misconception. There is no “crowd” out there just waiting to “fund” your project. “Crowdfunding” is an active process not a passive one. “As if by magic.” Ask any magician. Magic does not simply happen. It takes careful planning and execution. Crowdfunding is the same. Careful planning and execution of your venture can have a magical effect on results. So no “jumping right in.” Plan. Plan. Plan.

The 4 Basic Steps:

  1. Name your project and put your byline on it: Like the title of a good book. “I am reading ‘The Super Duper Group’ by I. M. Splendid.” Instead of, “I am reading this thingy about a group who are so super they are duper and there’s pictures and everything.”
  2. Have a definitive assignment in mind. “The building for our community Centre needs windows and doors.” That is definitive. Not “we need some money for some stuff for our community centre.”
  3. Have a clear financial goal in mind. Know exactly how much you want to raise and in what time frame. “The windows and doors will cost $20,000 and we need them by September 30.” Also, make the goal achievable. You can always follow up with ‘extension’ campaigns.
  4. Finally, sign up. InvestLocalBC has a very convenient landing site. Go to and click on “START A CAMPAIGN.” Fill in the necessary information and submit your project for approval. If you need assistance with this we are more than happy to help.

The step by step process:

  1. Create a user account on InvestLocalBC. Head on over to, and join as a user. This will take less than 1 minute and allow you to submit your AdVenture. All we need is your email address and name.
  2. Submit your AdVenture. Second, click on Start A Campaign in the top left hand corner of the page. Fill in the information and click – Submit Campaign.
  3. Start your first Campaign. Once you have submitted your AdVenture for review, you can immediately start building your first Project. That is, you can start creating your first campaign! You can save a draft of your campaign at any point. If you need to go in and edit, simply log in using your user account, click on the drop-down box in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Submit Projects’. Once you’ve finished drafting, hit ‘Submit Campaign’ for final approval.

And that is it! Your AdVenture has been launched.

Below are some tips that may help you out and please read our FAQ page.

A word about incentives or gifts. There are lots of small tangible things that campaign managers can offer to backers that support their project. Some include photos of the project, t-shirts, invitation to a funders only event like a BBQ at the site, thank you phone calls or emails, key chains and other memorabilia, the list goes on. And remember, we’re here to help, so if your looking for ideas we have tons just ask!

With every InvestLocalBC project, campaign managers will be able to access a personal inbox. This will allow campaign managers to contact funders and verify contact information including shipping details. Funders will be given an option whether or not they choose to provide their personal contact information.