Share the Load – Vanderhoof – Want to Donate but Staying at Home – Here is how???

By Community Futures Stuart Nechako

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All funds will be collected on May 10, 2020.

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We are indeed in trying times and our local Not For Profit groups Need your help.  Their normal means of fund raising are closed off as a result of “social distancing” and their needs have never been higher. Community Futures Stuart Nechako is proud to be able to assist by administering this campaign free of charge.  The financial transaction fees will also be absorbed by us so that 100% of your donation goes exactly where it was meant to go…….

The WL McLeod back pack program has been running quietly behind the scenes for a number of years.  They ensure those students who need healthy food are still able to get it, especially when school is out.

Neighbour Link – Vanderhoof Food Bank – has been helping vulnerable families in many different ways and are a very important group in our Community – help them keep food on their shelves so they may help those in need.

Vanderhoof Community Gardens/Nechako Valley Food Network – They need $100 for seeds, $250 for additional tools to meet the new protocols being put in place, a hand washing station,  cleaning supplies, soil etc.  Some prices to be determined.  (Maybe even a chicken tractor help kill those cut worms- exciting)

Vanderhoof Hospice Society – Have been serving the Nechako Valley area since 1987.  Funds collected will be used to help cover training costs to keep their 18 volunteers current with best practices as they look after our loved ones in their final days.

St. John’s Hospital Auxillary – Have many projects in the works and the need for their great work will become more evident as changes are made, especially to our Senior Care facilities.

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This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.

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